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Export the entire knowledgebase

Admin can export the entire database to XML or similar format. Ideally as HTML pages with text/formatting/images in tact.


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I posted also to FeatureShift.

Since this software is managed by a small company, and we are looking for a long-term and absolutely reliable business solution where we can access our data even if the third-party provider isn't available anymore, and have security that our data is not lost in case the provider decides to call it quits, we need a way to back up our data we and users have posted to your system.

I am not doubting that you would be closing down, no sir, but we have to be prepared for all eventualities, and I am thinking of long-term and very-long-term here.

For business continuity purposes the data must be safe and secure (losing for example 5 year's worth of requests and changelogs would be very annoying to put it mildly), and that's why small SaaS systems are bit risky bet, but can often offer rewards for better cost and responsiveness. I know you have your local backups, but that's not helping if your company is bust or hacked or worse.

Thus, for risk management purposes, requesting a simple backup system for us please where we can manually or preferrably automatically (API key or similar) download all our data in one machine-readable package. Format of the data export is not a big matter, but since you're using PHP, I assume the database behind is some SQL derivative(?) so even direct .sql data file is just fine, or for example .xml.

Low priority request, but would make your service look more reliable for a serious professional use.
Emilio Sanchez
+1 To this - I'd just like to add that exporting to markdown would be awesome too
Miroslav Sázovský (ULTIMATE COACH)
That would be great. Also, it would be great if I as the author could back up the content with one click. Ideally as *.txt
This may be something we will introduce later this year. We're currently working on updates for the editor (among other things) and are focused on shipping the update sometime in April. We'll look into options then.
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