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You Deleted my Article!!!

I just spent the last two hours writing an article. When I clicked save your system told me I wasn't logged in anymore. Once I logged in I lost my article.

Whatever you do. You should NOT delete your user's articles. Big Problem. Please save what a user types even if they don't click save. You can use Local Storage to save drafts automatically. Then sync them behind the scenes to your server so that nothing is lost.

Very frustrating to lose an hour of work let alone two. Please fix this ASAP


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Andreas, 2 months ago
Sorry to hear this. Technically, we did not delete your article, session timeout did. Won't help you now, but we never claimed anywhere that autosave was available. This has been a feature request that we are going to check out very soon. I'm going to merge it into the existing request. Again, sorry for the troubles.
3 months ago, Rodney Giles