08 Oct, 2022
Attachments and various improvements

Today we shipped a new, nice-to-have feature for articles:


You may now attach files to your articles. Uploads are currently limited to 10MB per file and allowed file types are currently PDF, JPG, PNG, GIF, DOCX, ZIP and RAR.

Attached files will appear below an article. To attach a file, or multiple files, to your articles, simply edit your article and within the article settings, find the section "Attachments".

Quick view

We also added the possibility to quickly view an article from within the backend. This option is available directly in the article edit mode as well as in the category overview.

Minor improvements

We also made various improvements to Dark Mode, the splash screen after creating a new base and also fixed some minor bugs.

We also created a few short videos to help getting started with eniston. You can check them out in the "How to" category in our knowledge base.

05 Oct, 2022
Video issue in "Default" theme

Today we fixed an issue in the "Default" theme that would sometimes prevent videos from showing up on articles pages.

01 Oct, 2022
Dark mode improvements and support

Today we added the possibility to upload a custom logo for dark mode. This way you can make sure that your logo looks good in light mode, as well as in dark mode.

It is now also possible to have different brand colors for light and dark mode. Head to the "Appearance" settings to change the logo and colors.

We also added support, so you may now add this integration to your workspace.

29 Sep, 2022
Support for non-latin characters

As eniston grows to a bigger audience, which makes us very happy, we were made aware that the fonts we used only supported latin characters. Fair point.

Today we added support for Cyrillic and Greek characters.

One of the next updates will also feature the possibility to create custom translations. So you won't be limited to English, German or French, but can create your own language. This will specifically address this, this and this request.

Stay tuned.

27 Sep, 2022
Logo on password protected workspaces

Today we took care of the submission "Show logo on password-protected login screen", which had 13 upvotes and was quick to implement.

With this change, your workspace logo now appears above the login area. A small but nice addition.

26 Sep, 2022
Quick fixes

Yesterday's update crashed two things that are now fixed:

  1. Article export to Excel was not working
  2. Domain removal for existing (attached) domains was not possible
25 Sep, 2022
eniston 2.0 is here

After way too many months, we finally shipped our relaunch. πŸŽ‰ It has been the biggest update since eniston launched in November 2020.

We completely rewrote the backend (where you maintain your workspaces) and both themes. We’re also introducing a new notification system, improved the way related articles are handled, simplified the integration settings, added an option to add an OG image and so much more. Also, dark mode is now available for both the backend and for the themes.

You can read the whole announcement in this blogpost.

23 Jul, 2022
Maintenance and preparations

Today we did a maintenance update and upgraded all underlying systems to their latest versions.

This is mainly in preparation for the August update (mid-end), which took way too long to finish. But it's finally coming within the next few weeks. It was a bigger endeavour than anticipated but we're finally getting the last touches ready and will ship this update soon.

We also fixed a few bugs, including a problem with how we validate CNAME records for custom domains. We also fixed a bug that occurred every once in a while when uploading images to articles.

Other bugs, such as not being able to upload SVG images as base logo, or the pesky autocomplete issue that will sometimes fill the IP restriction field in the settings will be fixed with the August update (among other things).

06 Feb, 2022
Submit your feature requests and ideas

We, the company behind eniston, are currently preparing to launch our latest tool "FeatureShift". As part of the private beta, we are now using it for eniston and our other platform InPrivy.

Please excuse any minor bugs you may encounter as we're preparing for launch.

As part of the switch, we are no longer sending out product updates via newsletter. You can subscribe to updates (coming soon) to stay informed about product updates. Be sure to check back after February 20th.

Want a feature for eniston? Let us know.

To submit your feedback, simply head over to, create an account (or login via Google, GitHub or LinkedIn) and create a new submission. You are also welcome to upvote or comment any existing submissions.

We're looking forward to your feedback. πŸ“

27 Nov, 2021
November 2021 updates

Minor improvements

You will notice many, sometimes subtle improvements to the backend (admin area) and frontend of your base(s). We corrected spacings, added a "back to category" button when creating articles, improved loading times or overall corrected a bunch of CSS faux-pas.

If your articles contain code examples, we also have good news for you: We now support 15 more languages, such as AppleScript, Ruby, Swift, SQL, YAML and many more. It is now also possible to copy code examples with a single click.

We now also highlight outgoing links with a special icon, so your visitors see directly which links will leave your base.