01 Dec, 2022

🔍 Improved search and updated dark mode

Over the last few months we received quit a few support tickets regarding the search functionality. Most of you noted that it was only possible to search for article titles. That was partly true. You were also able to add keywords and an excerpt to articles which were also searchable.

But we get it, nothing beats a full-text search. Today we're happy to announce that we improved the search function and implemented a full-text search. In favor of this, we removed the preview of the excerpt in search results and replaced it with the (relevant part of the) article text.

In case you added an excerpt, this will still be searched, but not visible in the preview.

We also made it possible to search from category pages and articles when using the "Default" theme.

Dark Mode updates

We also made dark mode a little more... dark. Previously, we used very dark blue tones. That has been changed to actual tones of darker gray for both the "Default" and "Documentation" themes.

New integration

We recently also integrated Let's Connect as a new integration which you can add to your frontend. As usual, if you are in need for a specific integration, get in touch.