08 Oct, 2022

Attachments and various improvements

Today we shipped a new, nice-to-have feature for articles:


You may now attach files to your articles. Uploads are currently limited to 10MB per file and allowed file types are currently PDF, JPG, PNG, GIF, DOCX, ZIP and RAR.

Attached files will appear below an article. To attach a file, or multiple files, to your articles, simply edit your article and within the article settings, find the section "Attachments".

Quick view

We also added the possibility to quickly view an article from within the backend. This option is available directly in the article edit mode as well as in the category overview.

Minor improvements

We also made various improvements to Dark Mode, the splash screen after creating a new base and also fixed some minor bugs.

We also created a few short videos to help getting started with eniston. You can check them out in the "How to" category in our knowledge base.