22 May, 2023
Articles Overview

Today we added a small addition to the backend: Articles Overview. This allows you to get a list of all articles across all categories in one view.

21 May, 2023
Server maintenance and fix for trial days

Today we performed a few server upgrades that took a bit longer than anticipated. It was scheduled to be around 1 to 3 minutes, but took around 15 minutes. But the good news is that the server is now faster and more secure.

We also fixed a bug with accounts that are within the 30 days trial. First off all, the trial days were not counted down, that is corrected now. So some accounts will see a bigger drop in remaining trial days within the next hours. Another related bug was that trial accounts were not fully recognised as such and the affected knowledge bases only showed a maximum of 2 categories. This has also been fixed.

10 May, 2023
Maintenance, additional workspaces and fixes

Today we updated a few behind-the-scenes processes and fixed a bunch of things. We also updated the underlying software versions to their latest versions.

Additional workspaces

We recently increased the available workspaces in our "Business" plan from 8 to 10. While this should be sufficient for most customers, some just need a little more and have been asking us to increase the limit even further. For those customers, we added the possibility to add more workspaces via a one-time purchase, no recurring costs.

To add more workspaces to your account, simply head over to the new "Add-ons" settings.

Fixed GIF uploads

We made some adjustments to file uploads and improved the way GIF files are handled. They should now remain animated and not lose the animation anymore.

28 Apr, 2023
Custom translations are here 🌍

Today we are excited to finally launch the ability to create custom texts for themes. We also improved and fixed a few things.

Use your own words

This one had quite a few upvotes and we finally shipped it – custom translations. To use your own texts, head over to the new "Languages" settings and click "Translate".

You can also set any other language as your workspace language now. Simply edit the default language.

What about multilingual content?

It's coming. Custom translations was step one. Step two will introduce the possibility to add / create more than one language and also create translations for categories and articles.

We have no ETA on that yet, though.

Subcategory sorting

We also added the possibility to sort sub-categories. This was missing from the last update where we introduced subcategories.

Enable/disable articles

It is now possible to disable articles. This will prevent them from being shown in the frontend. This is available in the article settings.

Article settings
Article settings

The smaller stuff

The UI has been updated and improved all throughout the backend. The sidebar (seen on desktop view) has been slightly revamped as well. Also, we further improved dark mode, added "Discord" to the "Profiles" settings and fixed a handful of bugs.

20 Mar, 2023
Subcategories, backend search, improved dark mode and more

Today we a happy to release subcategories, updates to dark mode and a few more things.

Subcategories 📁

This one has been requested a while ago and we are happy to announce that this is now live. You can create subcategories directly within your category settings and order them the way you need. Within the article settings, there is now a new select box to optionally pick any of the subcategories of the selected category.

When deleting subcategories, articles will be updated accordingly and "fall back" into the main category.

Subcategories are not yet visible when using the "Docs" theme. Articles with a subcategory will remain in the same navigation tree as those without a subcategory. In a future update, we will revamp the "Docs" theme navigation to reflect subcategories.

Backend search 🔍

You are now able to search for articles within the backend. You can search for published articles, as well as drafts. When clicking on a search result, you are directly entering edit mode.

Transfer workspace ownership ↪️

It is now possible to transfer a workspace from one eniston account to another. To transfer a workspace to a new owner, simply go to your workspace settings and find the "Transfer workspace" section at the bottom.

Better dark mode 🌙

We also made a few improvements to the dark mode. Specifically, we changed all colors from dark blue to dark gray and also fixed a few UI errors along the way.

New integrations 🧩

New integrations were also added today. You may now add "Goo Chat" and "Answerly Banner" to your workspace. As usual, if you are in need for a specific integration, let us know.

31 Jan, 2023
New integration: Noci Chat

Today we added a new integration: Noci Chat. As with all integrations, you can add this chat widget via the integrations section at

30 Jan, 2023
Moving search to Algolia

Today, we were experiencing a downtime of our search server. After 2 hours, we were not able to fix the issue and wanted to avoid further downtime. So we moved all search data from our self-hosted Meilisearch instance to Algolia.

This may be just a temporary solution until we figure out what is going on with the search server.

We apologise for this downtime. Search should now work again as expected.

27 Jan, 2023
Earn money with our affiliate program + attachment sorting

Starting today, you can earn money by telling others about eniston Knowledge Bases. Earn 30% recurring commissions for every referral. Join our affiliate program and start earning money while promoting our platform.

To learn more about it, read this blog post.

As usual, if you have any kind of question or feedback, feel free to get in touch.

Attachment sorting

We also added a small refinement to article attachments. It is now possible to sort the files you attached to articles. This can be handy if your files should be listed in a certain order.

09 Jan, 2023
Plausible Analytics integration

Today we added Plausible Analytics as a new integration.

We are also working on the "Subcategories (Nesting articles)" feature that has been suggested a while ago. In fact, the backend implementation is already done, we just don't know how to best implement it to the frontend view to not make it look weird. Stay tuned as this will hopefully go live later this month.

04 Jan, 2023
Added sitemap.xml

Today we added a sitemap.xml to all workspaces. Simply go to your workspace url and append sitemap.xml, e.g. to see all your categories and articles.

The sitemap is live, meaning as soon as you add a new category or article, the sitemap is automatically updated. To enable a sitemap for your workspace, simply go to your SEO settings and enable access for search engines.

We will soon add some more features so you can control which categories and articles should be excluded and optionally set a priority score. By default, the home page has a priority of 1.0, all other pages 0.5.